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Keepsake Restoration
When you entrust your keepsake restoration to be performed From the Woodshop, we strive to maintain and restore the integrity of your cherished possession with special respect for the history, artistry and sentimental value of any wooden treasure. Each item receives special attention to detail, hand craftsmanship and care. We make every effort to save and rejuvenate what we can of the existing piece, and replace only what is absolutely necessary or by customer taste and request.
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Transform your keepsakes into restored home 
decor accent pieces!
Have a keepsake item you'd like to restore for display as a treasured home decor accent piece? Fantastic! We can help breath new life into an old piece. 
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All restoration services are performed "From the Woodshop". Local pick-up & delivery. Shipping is available for non-local restoration.
Have a keepsake you'd like restored to it's former beauty?
Rescue - Restore - Repair - Rejuvenate - Refinish
Restoration services From the Woodshop include but are not limited to:
  • Wood Repairs and/or Replacement
  • Hand Stripping
  • Refinishing
  • Custom Finish (Staining and Painting)
  • Re-gluing & Stabilizing Loose Components
  • Hardware Matching, Repair and Replacement
  • Carving
  • Turning
This 1960's circa 48" Flexible Flyer snow sled's rejuvination involved replacing the original wood riding surface and steering bar with Missouri cedar, sanding and polishing the upper metal frame, sanding and repainting runners and underframe.
1970's circa rocking horse was repaired and strengthened, then restored by refinishing the original pine wood to a deeper walnut stained finish, replacing the mophead mane/tale, and adding soft suede ears and jiggly eyes.
Keepsake Restoration Gallery: