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Showpiece Heirlooms
Our Roaring Redwood Timepiece wall clock is the inspiration for our Showpiece Heirloom service. This piece is actually a compilation of items brought together in a single piece. It carries 3 generations of family history and is as rich in it's lusterous California redwood beauty as it is in the sentimental value it holds for it's keeper.

So, what exactly is a “Showpiece Heirloom”? It can be anything that holds special meaning, history or simple appeal, for its keeper. Showpiece Heirlooms From the Woodshop, are not necessarily appraisal oriented valuables - they carry more artistic, sentimental and personal value than anything else. Often, there’s a story behind them, like in the case of our Roaring Redwood Timepiece wall clock. 
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Transform your keepsakes into Showpiece Heirloom, home decor, accent and conversation pieces!
All restoration services are performed "From the Woodshop". Local pick-up & delivery. Shipping is available for non-local design & restoration.
Have a keepsake you'd like to transform into an Showpiece?
Something old, something new...
When you entrust your keepsake design or restoration to be performed From the Woodshop, we strive to maintain and restore the integrity of your cherished possession with special respect for the history, artistry and sentimental value of your wooden treasure. Each item receives special attention to detail, hand craftsmanship and care. We make every effort to save and rejuvinate what we can of the existing piece, and replace only what is absolutely necessary or requested by our customers. 
From the Woodshop services 
include but are not limited to:
  • Heirloom Design Services
  • Wood Repairs and/or Replacement
  • Hand Stripping & Refinishing
  • Custom Finish (Staining & Painting)
  • Re-gluing & Stabilizing Loose Components
  • Hardware Matching, Repair and Replacement
Showpiece Heirloom Gallery:
The Roaring Redwood Timepiece Story

A longtime lover of the great outdoors, my Grandfather always enjoyed walking the woods of the property he’d carved out for our family here in southwest Missouri. As a boy, I’d frequently tag along with him and we would talk or just share time together. In 1984 my Grandpa took a trip to visit family in Scott’s Valley, California, near Santa Cruz. Just like at home, when Grandpa was visiting California he didn’t miss the opportunity to walk the woods and admire the towering redwood trees. From this particular visit, he brought back a large slice of redwood as a souvenir for my mother. Mom loved it! She had my artsy younger brother inscribe our family name on it, Dad hung it on the metal wagon wheel in our front yard where mom’s climbing roses grew and it became a beautiful, personalized, family yard ornament. 

Almost 25 years later, I took over the property that Grandpa had given my mom and dad, and absorbed a few more acres he had always planned for family to eventually live on. In 2008, I built my home there, in the same woods where I’d grown up and taken those walks with Grandpa long ago. In 2013, while converting my parent’s old place into my woodshop, I came across the redwood from our yard ornament. It was weathered and gray from its years outdoors and our family name was quite faded from its face – but it was still Grandpa’s little slice of the Redwood Forest. I brought it into the woodshop, trying to decide how I would preserve it. That summer, while digging a rock garden for my wife next to our home, I unearthed a cast iron ornamental lion’s head from an old wood stove and realized our new garden was on the old spot Grandpa had used years before as a scrap metal pile. We both thought it was an interesting piece, made jokes about “one man’s trash”, but didn’t really know what we would do with it yet – so, off it went to the woodshop, until we could decide.
Over the past year, Grandpa’s piece of redwood and discarded iron lion sat on different shelves across the woodshop from each other. While working on other projects, one or the other piece would catch my eye, making me smile and think of times past, time with family, time gone by. That was IT – a timepiece! These objects represented pieces of time – my Grandfather’s – my parent’s – mine – that I would craft into a timepiece and a conversation piece, rich in sentimental value – my Showpiece Heirloom! What's yours?
What to expect From the Woodshop:
Do you have keepsake items or a cool idea you'd like to transform into a Showpiece Heirloom? Fantastic! We provide custom design services at no charge. Contact us to learn more!